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informing - networking - caring We provide unconditional and confidential assistance to women of all ages.
informing - networking - caring Building up our community through building into lives.
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welcome to hannah's place!

Welcome to Hannah's Place! We are a non-profit organization brought together by a passion for building into the lives of our local women in need. We have available a variety of services for women of all ages, providing information through education with peer counseling, networking families to resources and compassionate help to Wrangell and outlying communities.



  • Being once a teen mom myself, Hannah's Place would have been a great resource for me. Unfortunately, there were no similar organizations available at the time. I am extremely excited to be a part of this organization which offers life changing resources such as, free access to counseling, life skills and parenting classes!
    I spent the better part of my life avoiding problems in a lot of areas, especially relationships, until everything seemed to collapse on me recently. Last month, God guided me through my dad to seek Nedra's counseling at Hannah's Place. My counselor has been helping me face my dilemmas in God's strength, using sound, godly wisdom straight from the Bible. It has made all the difference to me.