FREE Pregnancy Tests:
Do you think you might be pregnant? Are you unable to afford a pregnancy test? We can help! We offer free and confidential pregnancy tests as well as additional information you may find helpful.

Earn While You Learn:
Expectant and young mothers can “earn” baby clothes, furniture, maternity clothes, and many other necessities through our learning program. It pairs a young woman with a client advocate who meets with her every week. Every lesson earns her $2.00 in “Mommy Money.” Completed homework earns another $1.00. This money can be spent in our Mommy Store. The price of a baby outfit is $.50. Diapers are $1.00 a dozen; cribs are $20.00.

Mommy Store:
Our program is designed to help young mothers earn “Mommy Money” by learning. The goal is to foster a desire to grow and take pride in one's accomplishments, also while earning more. Each Mom is responsible for managing her own money, as in everyday life. It can be saved or spent in our "Mommy Store" in any way.

Fatherhood Fraternity:
This series is the foundational level or ground floor of manhood. The 25 lesson study focuses on a man’s core identity and gives an overview of basic manhood issues. It will help men deal with various identity issues by looking back at past wounds and other situations that may have distorted their idea of masculinity. Throughout the course of the study, men will learn how to clearly define manhood and will finally be able to give a succinct and passionate answer to the questions, “What is a man?” and “What am I living to be? They too can earn "Daddy Money" to spend in the incentive store.

Celebrate Life Baskets:
This is a welcome basket supplied to every newborn in Wrangell. It is filled with layette type items and are all donated from those who desire to see families firmly established in Wrangell. The concept began in October of 2011 when it was noticed that some young single mom's had very little to bring their new baby home with and some not having family locally to help assist them as they adjust to life with a newborn. It quickly grew to a desire to recognize each new baby born to Wrangell moms.